Legit Money Making Apps

Legit Money Making Apps – Money making apps in the Philippines have gained popularity because they are convenient ways to earn money using your smartphone.

There are a wide variety of these apps, from simple apps for answering surveys to games for making money1. However, as with any money-making opportunity, some bad players try to scam people out of their time and money.

Legit Money Making Apps

Legit Money Making Apps

In this article, you will find the best legit money making apps available in the Philippines so that you can start making money with your phone.

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This article is for educational purposes only. not affiliated with the money making apps listed below in the article.

As the name suggests, money making apps are programs on your phone that pay out real money that you can use for digital or real transactions. Some apps are just for making money, while others like GCash and Kumu, making money is just one of many features.

Each money making app has a different method of making money with them. Some apps ask you to complete tasks, like answering surveys or watching ads, in exchange for money. Meanwhile, other apps are platforms where you can provide a service or product that people are willing to pay for.

This can take a different form for each app, but in the end, these apps get a monetary benefit in exchange for your time and effort. For example, by forcing you to watch an ad, the app earns ad revenue from its advertisers. Platforms where you sell a product or service also earn a commission.

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It depends on the app. You can’t expect to pay your living expenses with apps that pay for activities. They offer a significantly lower hourly rate than regular work. They are best for people who have more time to earn money. Since you don’t have to get fully involved in the money making app, it is also very accessible to most people, even those who are busy with other things.

However, there are also apps like live streaming or online selling that you can turn into a real livelihood. These apps require a lot of time and effort before you can make a lot of money. Just like business, there are times when even if you try hard, it may not yield positive results.

Legal money making apps in the Philippines transfer your earnings through payment channels like Paypal, GCash or bank transfer. It’s best to avoid apps that don’t use popular payment methods because you’ll have trouble withdrawing money.

Legit Money Making Apps

The best way to know if a money making app is legit is to wait for other users to look into it. But if you want to try out a new app yourself, here are some guidelines. 1. Check the negative reviews on its shop page.

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Fake accounts and bots can positively review apps, so it’s best to focus on reading negative reviews to see if there are any problems with the app. 2. Look for reviews on social media and YouTube

Money making apps are a popular topic and even an unfamiliar app may already have a review for you to check out. 3. Read the app monetization process

It’s a red flag if an app requires you to pay before you can earn. 4. If you decide to try an unfamiliar money making app, don’t commit fully yet.

First you need to check if they pay money. Try hard enough to withdraw the minimum amount possible.

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If you are new to money making apps, it is best to use only popular and recommended apps. Scam apps use many methods to trick you into believing they are legit, when in fact they are just wasting your time.

There are four main criteria for choosing the best money making apps in the Philippines, namely: 1. They must be legit.

This means that other people have already tested these money making apps and they really pay off. 2. They must be free

Legit Money Making Apps

It’s safer to choose apps that don’t cost money. 3. They can be used on a smartphone

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Being available on mobile devices makes them accessible to more Filipinos. 4. Must be available in the Philippines

These criteria were used to select the best legit money making apps for this guide. As you search for these apps, you should find one that fits your needs.

To help you choose the app that best suits your needs, we have grouped the apps into two categories based on what you need to do to earn money with them. Part I: Apps that pay you to do small tasks

In this category, apps pay you to perform simple tasks, like watching a video or answering a survey. They don’t pay you as much for your time as a regular job does, but they’re still a viable source of income to help you reach your short-term goal.

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This is the category of money making apps with the most variety, but also the most fraudulent. Here are the best legit money making apps in this category: Best All-in-One App: GCash

There are many ways to earn money with GCash. You can sell prepaid loads, participate in promotions, play games, invite people and invest money. Best of all, GCash is already a popular digital wallet accepted by over 100,000 merchants across the country. So whatever you earn from small businesses in GCash, you can use it instantly to pay for almost anything.

Cashzine is an app for reading the latest local news and hot topics. Unlike similar apps, you get a personalized feed of important news just for you. Every time you read or share a news article or video, you earn in-app currency called “Coins” which you can exchange for cash.

Legit Money Making Apps

Milieu Surveys is an app where you get paid to answer a series of questions. These surveys take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Like other survey apps, this app uses your profile to determine what kind of surveys you’ll receive. You will not receive paid surveys for a few days if they are not available.

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ShopBack is an online marketplace where you can get discounts and cashback when you shop on their platform. They support several popular stores including Lazada, Shopee, Foodpanda, Watsons, and Uniqlo. Unlike other online marketplaces, they do not limit your cashback on their platform and you can withdraw any cashback to your bank account as cash.

The Facebook app has a marketplace feature where you can post the items you want to sell. Due to the large number of users on Facebook, you can receive requests for your articles within minutes. This is a great way to turn clutter in your home into cash that you can use for something else.

The Trash Cash team believes that there is money in the trash and they want to teach Filipinos exactly that. Filipinos generate more than 2 billion kg of waste annually, which can be processed into about 24 billion pesos annually. With the app, you’ll be able to get your share of that money and help clean up the Philippines at the same time.

This category is for money making apps that have the potential to become a source of income to pay for living expenses. These apps typically reward you for driving traffic to their app through your content, services, or products.

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Here you are not paid for every task you complete. In general, the more companies you bring to the app, the more you get paid. But there is no guarantee that you will be able to earn a lot, even if you put a lot of time and effort into it.

Kumu is a live streaming app founded by Filipinos for the global Filipino community. Here, creators and live streamers can earn money by receiving virtual gifts from those who watch their streams. These virtual gifts can then be converted into cash. It has been reported that some streamers are able to earn up to 6 figures per month2.

Among the online marketplaces in the Philippines, Shopee has the highest monthly traffic3. So, if you want to open your own dropshipping shop, this is the best place to start. Dropshipping is an online store where you don’t receive any of the items you sell. You can think of it as an agent for someone else’s products. This is potentially a zero-capital business, although it is not recommended.

Legit Money Making Apps

If you have a bicycle, motorcycle, car, van or truck, you can try to partner with one of the most popular transportation apps in the Philippines, Grab. Becoming a Grab partner is technically free, but they take a commission on anything you earn using their app. You can also pay government taxes to comply with TNVS4 regulations.

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Upwork is one of the most popular apps where you can find part-time online jobs that pay enough to cover a large part of your living expenses. You might hesitate because you only have one phone. But if you think that online work is only for people with laptops, you will be surprised at the variety of jobs you can do just by using

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