Best Money Making Apps to Make Extra Money

Want to earn money only through the application? Come on, get acquainted with the money-making application that you can download on your Android phone! There are several applications that you can currently use to make money easily, you know.

Want to know what are the fastest money-making applications? Come on, see this article to the end! Because here we will try to recommend various applications that have been proven to offer many benefits for their users.

Fast Making Money Application

In the following, there are several money-making applications without capital that you can use on Android or iPhone cellphones. Here’s the review:

1.Snack Videos

This first application offers advantages for new users. You can complete a number of missions for newly registered members with a total prize of millions of rupiah.

The task or mission is relatively easy. The types of missions range from watching videos, daily logging in, and more. You can also join the Creator Rewards program to get bigger benefits.

2. Neo Plus

To make money from the Neo Plus application, you must invite friends to join as application users. You will get a commission of IDR 25,000 if you successfully invite 1 friend.

If you manage to invite only 4 friends, then you will get a commission of IDR 100,000. Pretty big right? Besides that, it’s also safe, you know.

3. CashPop

This money-making application without inviting friends offers easy tasks so you can get profits quickly. The trick is to collect points that you can later exchange.

You can exchange coins for internet packages, e-wallets, PLN tokens, and many others. There are several missions that you have to do to get points, starting from following Instagram accounts, filling out surveys, and so on.

4. Tolok

Just like most of the money-making apps, others in the Toloka app you also have to do simple tasks. The tasks you have to do are generally the types of tasks that computers can’t do.

Types of tasks are like to analyze and evaluate content types. You can also choose the task according to what you want to get rewarded.

5. TikTok

Is earning money from TikTok Halal? Yes, of course it’s halal. Because in this application you can get money from endorsements, as a creator, to selling.

On TikTok, you don’t need to collect points to invite friends. You can directly sell or become a content creator to earn money. You can even use TikTok to become your main source of income.

6. Hello

On the Helo app, you can check in daily to get coins. The first day you will get 100 points, the second day 200 and so on.

You can later exchange these coins for attractive prizes. The method is enough to just check in and you already get lots of coins every day for you to exchange.


The next application that provides rewards to its users is Jakpat. You are only tasked with filling out surveys to get a number of points. The number of points you get also varies depending on the mission you complete.

The points you get range from one to tens of points. The tasks start from just filling out surveys.

8. TopRich

This next application is basically a game application. There are many game choices in the TopRich application that you can play. To get the prize, you have to complete a number of missions.

The games available are very easy to play. Examples of games that you can play are matching car pictures. The more often you play the game, the greater the chance you get money.

9. GoNovel

If TopRich is a game application that makes money, then GoNovel is a novel application that provides benefits for its users. This money-making application can provide profits in a fast time.

To get money you have to collect points. Every time you read a novel, you will get a certain number of points. Later you can exchange points for money.

For novel lovers, this application is perfect for filling their free time reading exciting stories and at the same time getting attractive prizes.

10. ROLI

This last application is a special application for loyal Telkomsel customers. Telkomsel customers can hunt for prizes through the ROLi application. The prizes are quite a lot, starting from credit bonuses, quotas, and others.

The ROLi application also provides a lot of interesting content. The contents include exciting short stories, quizzes, games and many others.

For those of you who always follow exciting content on the ROLi app, you can get coins every day. You can later exchange these coins for attractive prizes.

Those are some money-making applications that you can use on your cellphone. For those of you who like interesting content and prizes, come on, install the ROLi application now!