Make Money By Making Apps

Make Money By Making Apps – If you are looking for ways to supplement your monthly income, money making apps are reliable options. And the best thing is that you don’t have to invest. You can use your smartphone to download money making apps and start your hustle fast.

Here are 47 legit apps you can easily download to make money, including ways to get paid for taking surveys, playing games, losing weight, working on a side gig, and even selling your stuff, as well as a host of other activities you can do with your your favorite internet browsing device.

Make Money By Making Apps

Make Money By Making Apps

Passive income apps are ideal if you don’t have much time for extra work but want to earn passive income. Choose from tons of income ideas, including apps that help you make money with cryptocurrencies, commercial real estate investments, and even online content.

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How To Make Money Online Legally In… Enable JavaScriptHow To Make Money Online Legally In 2023? 1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a neat little app for earning money through common online activities. You can earn SB (reward points) as you build a history of browsing the web, shopping online, and spending time watching videos. You can also find many offers for in-app purchases to save money.

The OnMyWay app pays you to drive without texting. It starts tracking mileage when you drive over 10 MPH and pay OnMiVai Cash points, which can be converted to cash at certain levels. OnMyWay disables message alerts, but you can answer calls via Bluetooth. is one of the best investment apps where you can invest and earn income. You can invest as little as $1 and buy stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies in one of the best investment apps. also helps you connect and communicate with other investors.

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Fundrise offers real estate investment opportunities. You can put small amounts on several large projects without paying for the entire property. So you can invest regularly and earn dividends and returns. Note that Fundrise’s investment terms are typically 5 years, and investors pay a 1% early withdrawal penalty.

Airbnb allows you to earn income by becoming a host and renting out extra space in your home to guests. You can delegate and automate routine cleaning and maintenance so that service providers take care of those tasks.

Payment Method: Pioneer Prepaid Mastercard, PayPal Account, Express Payment to Credit or Debit Card, International Bank or Direct Deposit to Bank Account 6. Medium

Make Money By Making Apps

Medium is an open online publishing platform where writers can showcase their voices and expertise on any topic. Authors who join the Medium affiliate program get paid for their content based on how much time people spend reading it. Publishing content is a great source of passive income for those interested in how to make money on Medium, as readers can continue to use it weeks, months, or even years later.

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Wondering how to make money on Soundcloud? You can even earn money listening to music. Soundcloud is an online platform where music artists can find an audience for their creations. Musicians can fund their Soundcloud accounts and earn money every time listeners stream their audio files.

Cashback apps pay out rewards in the form of points or cash when you make a qualifying purchase from a retail partner, either online or in-store. The following apps are popular for earning points or cash rewards: 8. Shopkick

Shopkick gives you cashback for online purchases as well as in-store purchases. You earn kicks (reward points) to go to stores or buy products from the app. The points can then be exchanged for gift cards.

The Capital One Shopping app gives you credit points for purchases from its partners, which can be redeemed for gift cards. Capital One Shopping also offers price comparisons, cash back offers and discount coupons to help consumers save money.

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Rakuten lets you earn rewards and savings when you shop from its app. It has links to hundreds of partner online stores where you can shop and collect points for cash back. These points are paid quarterly.

Dosh provides cashback when you shop, eat or book accommodation with your partners. You earn points when you pay with a card linked to the Dosh app. You can redeem these points for real money.

Fetch Rewards gives you points every time you click and upload a grocery receipt, as well as receipts from certain other locations. Because Fetch Rewards accepts your gas station receipts, it’s even one of the most popular gas-saving apps out there. It also gives points for e-receipts in your email, so you can earn more by buying products from its affiliated brands, rather than just buying in-store.

Make Money By Making Apps

Ibotta is a free app that can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Google’s Play Store. Like other cashback apps, it offers users cashback on all eligible purchases, including restaurants, groceries and online shopping. To earn money with the Ibotta app, sign up, activate offers on your device before shopping at participating merchants, and start earning.

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As the name suggests, money making apps can help you earn money without leaving your current job. Whether you want to make a side hustle using a unique skill or learn how to make money with a pickup truck, you’ll find an opportunity with some of the best gigging apps.

TaskRabbit connects you with individuals who want to outsource their daily tasks. So you can set your hourly rate and earn extra money in your spare time. Simple tasks include grocery shopping, assembling furniture, mowing the lawn, and more. If you want to make money with your car, you can probably find a task to complete on TaskRabbit.

UrbanSitter is the money making app for you if you love spending time with kids. It connects you with parents looking for babysitters, babysitters or tutors. You can also find pet sitting and senior care jobs on UrbanSitter.

Rover helps you find pet owners who want someone to care for their dogs/cats. You can even offer pet-friendly accommodation. But day care, walking and house keeping are among the common tasks available.

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Upwork is a platform for finding creative freelance projects. Design, accounting, and marketing are among the hundreds of categories available on Upwork. Therefore, within your skill set, you can find many tasks to do in your spare time. Want to make money typing? On Upwork, you can find data entry gigs, as well as content writing, social media management, and more.

It’s easy to see how to make money on Fiverr. The global freelance marketplace is different from competing platforms. Instead of bidding on projects and being selected by clients, Fiverr freelancers list their available services for potential customers. The range of services offered by Fiverr ranges from writing or proofreading to website design or marketing and everything in between.

Do you like to play games on your phone? Can you believe you can get paid playing the games you love? You will definitely want to explore the following paid gaming apps.

Make Money By Making Apps

Mistplay is like a loyalty program app just for gamers. Users earn reward points, called units, for testing and reviewing games. So, they can discover fun games and win prizes for playing them.

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Bananatic is another online gaming app where users play games to earn reward points, called bananas. Here players test games, complete quests and write reviews. Watching ads is another way to earn extra reward points with Bananatic.

The Gamehag app also pays you to play games. It provides reward points called “soul pearls” for playing games and completing tasks. You can earn more by writing game reviews and interacting on forums.

PlayestCloud is a game earning app where you can join as a game tester and earn money. You get tests based on your demographics and device. Each testing session lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.

One of the most popular ways to make money playing video games is by playing a game live on Twitch. Twitch content creators build viewers and followers by showing off their gaming and commenting skills. The more people watch a video ā€“ and the more ads they see ā€“ the more money a Twitch user makes playing games.

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Payment Method: ACH, PayPal, Wire or Check The Best Mystery Shopper Apps That Pay You for Online and In-Store Shopping

Do you like shopping? Do you always have an opinion on how a store owner can improve the customer experience?

If your answer to those questions is Yes, then you can get paid well as a mystery shopper. Businesses are constantly looking for visitors to rate their experiences and are willing to pay good money for your opinion when using the following apps: 24. Field Agent

Make Money By Making Apps

Agent Maes gives those who love shopping the opportunity to earn money. When you register as an agent, you can get paid to try products and complete tasks. The price of the product will be refunded upon completion of the task.

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The EasyShift app lists inspection tasks, called shifts, at local stores and retailers. In the EasyShift application, you get tasks such as taking product photos, checking

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